In Hot Pursuit: Catch Me If You Can

Jun 9, 2024

Join us this Sunday for an inspiring sermon titled "In Hot Pursuit: Catch Me If You Can," based on Jeremiah 30:10-15.

God's pursuit is driven by an everlasting love and a desire for a real and personal relationship with each of us. Whether we try to run away through sinful behaviors or hide behind our goodness and self-righteousness, God continues to chase after us, never giving up.

We'll explore the futility of running and hiding from God, and how, like the prophet Jeremiah's message to the people of Judah, God's promise to save and bring us back to peace and safety remains steadfast.

Discover how God’s relentless love can transform our lives, and why it's time to stop running and hiding, and instead, let ourselves be caught in His loving embrace. Don't miss this powerful message of hope, redemption, and the unwavering love of our Heavenly Father.